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the fashion feed - episode 15 with fabric expert katie towle

This week I’m joined my fabric expert Katie Towle - she’s a woven fabric designer & sourcing expert having worked for some of the biggest retailers in the UK

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recommending a manufacturer for fashion brands

Since starting my fashion consultancy business, I often get asked a similar question: can you recommend a manufacturer to me? 


Of course – I would love to! Yet for many reasons, this is unfortunately a very grey area. To start with, there are a myriad of details behind what exactly constitutes a good manufacturer and inevitably this differs from person to person. To put it plainly, I like to use the analogy of internet dating or house hunting as an easy comparison tool. Finding the right manufacturer for you will be hard work and sadly there won’t be any direct shortcuts. It’s all about building a long standing and healthy relationship, communicating on a personal level and getting the right feeling. Now do you see where the dating/house analogy comes into play? 

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fabric supplier recommendations

In my Facebook group The Fashion Feed, the same question gets asked quite a lot… where can i buy fabric from?!

I decided to collate all the info into 1 blog post and I ‘ll also keep updating it when I see new recommendations :)

I would highly recommend phoning the company if you can’t buy online. A lot of the fabric mills are very old school and it will be easier to work together rather than sending emails back and forth

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