the fashion feed - episode 12 with fashion designer caro gomez

Episode 12 is with fashion designer Caro Gomez

Originally from El Salvador, Caro now lives in London and I met her in a facebook group when we were prompted to say what our skills were & if they’d be beneficial to anyone else in the group

I needed advice on email marketing and Caro wanted to speak to someone in the fashion industry for advice on launching a fashion brand - funnily enough she became my first ever client!

After realising we were both based in North London, we’d meet by Camden Lock to help each other out but it quickly formed a friendship that was way past a simple skill swap


I wanted Caro on the podcast because people always ask me ‘how do you ACTUALLY start a fashion brand?’

Caro is coming up to her first year and I knew she’d be really honest and articulate in what those first days of starting a brand look like! She also has the most amount of fire and passion when explaining her brand which is incredibly infectious and inspiring - I know it will give you goosebumps!

In this episode we discuss :

  • how to embrace your creativity despite other people’s opinions

  • all the doubtful feelings that appear when you’re launching a fashion brand

  • practical exercises to try so you can get your ideas out of your head

  • her purpose with the brand & working towards something bigger than yourself

  • Caro’s passion for supporting Latin American women and how she helps the community

  • how the brand has healed some demons from her past

  • how to name your brand and what feelings arise when naming it after yourself


No Bull Business School Facebook Group

The Artist’s Way Book

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