Lucy Greenwood @ Lucy and Yak

“We’ve been working with Elizabeth for around 8 months now, and she is incredible. Her knowledge of the fashion industry is super impressive, seriously.... she’s experienced, read about or listened to everything out there, it really saves you having to do it.

When we started Lucy & Yak, fashion wasn’t really where our interest was, we didn’t really feel inspired by the product but Elizabeth regularly reminds us how important the product is.

She’s amazing to spend time with, it’s like having your best mate with you that also happened to know everything that you need to know that day. She really makes the fashion industry feel less daunting.

One of the main things I love about her is that she won’t tell you what to do. Just because she knows more than you, she really wants to help you, find out what is the best for your brand, because all brands are different.

Trust me, not all consultants out there are like this, she’s one in a million!”  

Kayleigh Noele