the fashion feed - episode 14 - lucy hitchcock @ sassy digital

Episode 14 of The Fashion Feed podcast is with Lucy Hitchcock of Sassy Digital. I met Lucy in a networking group called The Coven where I saw she’d launched her podcast ‘Winging It’ which is great!

She runs Sassy Digital which is a marketing ‘agency’ designed to be an extension of your team, and one of their strengths from the beginning has been fitting seamlessly into client’s businesses.

Sassy Digital has been managing social media accounts, building brands and websites since 2014 and in that time they’ve worked with plenty of talented people and extraordinary brands.

Lucy has built the websites for some big players such as Sarah Ashcroft’s SLA label and Stay Wild Swim so has since accrued a number of up and coming fashion brands as clients!

It’s great having a big audience to sell to but I wanted to speak to her about how to launch a fashion brand with a relatively small following.


I went to meet Lucy at a co-working space where we recorded an episode for her podcast followed by me interviewing her for The Fashion Feed which was her first ever podcast interview as a guest! I’m sure you’ll agree that she was a natural & gave away so much advice for new brands

In this episode we discuss :

  • which social platforms should be your priority when launching

  • how to grow your audience on and offline

  • the importance of community when starting out with something new

  • how facebook groups can help ease anxiety around business hurdles

  • which web platform is best for you as a fashion brand

  • tips on how to write blogs for good SEO purposes

  • how to break the formatting on mailchimp & design emails that are on - brand

lucy hitchcock


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