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Joanne is my guest blogger for this week! Joanne is the founder of Arnold & Bird and creatively empowers design led souls to make your ideas a reality. She is also the host of the ‘Elevate Your Curiosity’ podcast which is amazing if you’re looking for an inspiration boost to enhance your designs and mindset.



So you’ve seen the new catwalk trends for SS19 but how do you interpret them for your brand? Or even which ones to choose?


I wanna chat about how to interpret fashion trends for your brand so you don’t end up doing all the things!


So let’s decide which trends are relevant for your business. Pick a trend and then ask yourself:


Do you personally like it?

  • Don’t create a style that you don’t like just because you think it’ll sell. You have to believe in your range to sell it.

Bring it back to your ‘why’ and customer

  • Keep your customer front of mind when developing new styles for your brand. Ask yourself:

    • Who is my customer and who do I know fits this profile

    • Does this trend fit their lifestyle / choices in fashion?

    • Why are they buying it?

    • How will this garment/trend make my customer feel?

Can you interpret the trend in a new way?

  • Think about how you can interpret this trend in new way. Is it the colour, pattern embellishment, shape or material you like? How can you use the elements your like in a new way that’s not already been done?

Can you develop this trend into a whole new collection. Or would it just be one style?

  • Think about how you can interpret this trend into different garments and how they differ but work together as a consistent collection.


Deciding what trends are right for your business is as important as not using all the trends. Use what works for you and take parts of a trend such as the colour, texture or pattern and interpret this in a way that works for your style.

For example if you’re a Scandinavian brand that USP is minimalism. Then the prairie trend may not be for you unless you can pair back the style to sleek lines or create a tonal white on white pattern.


It’s important to add new styles to your brand in order to grow your sales too. There’s a reason that designers and high street brand release new collections weekly/monthly/quarterly. Having a wide range of styles increases sales and keeps your customers interested.


So create a marketing calendar that includes when new styles or collections will launch. Ensure you keep your range fresh by continually adding to your range. Keep your launch date in mind when planning new collections. And make sure you work back from this date so you deliver the new styles in time for your marketing plan.  


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