how did you feel before speaking to elizabeth? 


For me some of the biggest issues I was facing included just a lack of insight and knowledge about the fashion industry, which was preventing me from taking the steps I needed to. When you are new to the fashion industry (especially as an independent brand) even the smallest of tasks can sometimes seem impossible without insider knowledge.  As I was starting my brand alone I didn’t have any idea of whether what I was doing was “right” or normal, I needed someone with expertise to give me advise and point me in the right direction.

I felt uneasy and confused. With no one idea how to even go about thinking launching my clothing line. The creative is my forte but production is an enigma! I thought speaking to someone on that side of the fashion industry would help me demystify it and understand it.
I felt like was in a bit of a rut, creatively frustrated; I was procrastinating because I didn't know what direction to take.


how would you describe working with her has helped? 


It’s been so valuable to get to brainstorm trends, my designs & marketing ideas; having her insight has inspired me & added value to existing ideas.

Working with her has also helped with sourcing / working with manufacturers / costings.

But overall her interest and passion for the industry is infectious! Starting an independent brand alone can feel and be incredibly challenging and her expertise always helps reassure me and put the fun back into it! :)

There have been times when I’ve felt at a complete dead-end no matter the amount of work I try to put in, then a 20 minute consultation with Elizabeth has completely turned it around.

I can’t stress how much she has helped me.

I felt inspired to get started with new ideas and actually felt really excited about the new things I was planning to do for the business. I came out of the meeting feeling like I had more direction & clarity.


What does your business look like now that you’ve worked with elizabeth?


Now that we’ve worked together I have added new products to my collections and contacts with various new factories that specialise in different garments. My overall contacts lists for all sorts of jobs has expanded as Elizabeth has a huge network with various skills! I have just moved out into a studio space and I’m in the process of hiring an assistant designer, I turned to Elizabeth for advice on both these things & I’m looking to grow the brand and get to create more designs doing more of what I love!

Not only is she so knowledgeable about running a small business, Elizabeth is also such a lovely person. She makes you feel so at ease when talking to her which is definitely what I needed to take my business forward in the right direction.





I have spoken to fashion experts before and the difference with Elizabeth is her genuine interest into my brand. She really got to know both me and my brand before tailoring her advice specifically to me. Keeping in mind my goals, brand values, difficulties and successes.  She’s always an amazing problem solver with a solution for everything. Above all Elizabeth’s approachable and enthusiastic, I feel I can be completely honest with her. 

She gave me a lot of new ideas for my social media. I'm still learning so much about how to use instagram effectively, and Elizabeth really helped with her little tips and tricks.


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