understanding your customer & why it's so important

The number 1 rule in retail is - who are you talking to?

Without any customers, you don’t have a fashion business!

This will root all your difficult decision making because the clothes that you’re offering must always serve a purpose to your customer

understanding your customer & why it’s so important - elizabeth stiles - fashion brand consultant

Task :

Here are some questions to start asking yourself & understanding who your customer is!

  • Male / Female / both?

  • Age?

  • Where do they hang out online?  Instagram? Facebook? Twitter?

  • What is important to them?  

  • Who are your competitors?

Also have a think about some real life people who fit into your customer profile?

In my coaching sessions, we delve into this in much more detail!

As a creative person, it’s good to have a visual representation of ‘her’ in sight at all times

Can you make a vision board of who your customer is?

understanding your customer - elizabeth stiles - fashion brand consultant

You have to remember that your customer is a 360 person who doesn’t just think about your product all the time!

Know, Like & Trust are the 3 key points for someone to commit & buy from you!

Task :

Write down 3 ways you can get your customer to know, like & trust you as a person / brand

Know - ?

Like - ?

Trust - ?

Knowing your customers is a vital part of marketing success & you’re able to deliver persuasive messages that resonate & engage emotionally

You can select the right media, such as TV, radio, newspaper or print

You’ll also be prepared to ensure you are always offering the right product at the right time - be aware of her needs at all times of the year

For example : think of the key differences between your own personal mindset shift from December into January!

Showing you understand her will increase retention & loyalty for repeat purchases; she’s more likely to recommend you & spread the word!

How can you can delight her in a way that feels personal? What offers would she appreciate?

As you gain a clearer understanding of who your customer is, you’ll also know where else she is spending her money! These are the people you want to collaborating with and tapping in to other people’s audiences. It doesn’t matter who they are or what they sell, if your customer are in alignment then a collaboration will be a success!

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