the fashion feed - episode 7 with joanne @ arnold & bird - graphic & product designer

My guest on The Fashion Feed this week is Joanne Griffin, graphic designer & product development consultant.

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Joanne and I met over instagram and realised very quickly that we actually only lived about 20 minutes from each other. After speaking on DM’s for a couple of months, we took the plunge and went on a friend date! We really hit it off as we have so much in common speaking about design & trends, yoga, books we’ve read, the transition into freelance life and so much more I can’t really remember it now!

Since then Joanne and I have collaborated on a number of projects such as workshops, discussion events & even wrote a 2020 trend guide

If you’d like to find out more about these then I’ve added the links for you below!

In this episode we cover :

  • Joanne’s career history working for & Tilly & the Buttons

  • Where she finds inspiration

  • Why trends are imperative to a business’ success

  • How to complete a successful comp shop

  • The product development process in clear steps

  • What it means to trial and repeat to stay agile in your business

  • Looking into the future of 2020 trends


Studio DIY

Come along to our ‘building a successful fashion brand’ workshop on 7th September 2019

Read our 2020 trend report

This can be bought as 1 whole guide or just your area of interest such as :

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