the fashion feed - episode 6 with lucy greenwood

My guest on the sixth episode of the fashion feed podcast is Lucy Greenwood who’s the co founder of Lucy and Yak with her partner Chris.  Lucy & Yak is an ethical clothing and lifestyle business famous for their super comfy dungarees!

They met at a car garage in the sales department which they’ve since found out has some surprisingly transferable skills in fashion! They took off travelling around the world in their van ‘Yak’ and we discuss their adventures turning the brand into what it is today!

Lucy & the team in India

Lucy & the team in India

I came across Lucy and Yak after a client of mine mentioned how inspiring they were and I became intrigued!

I reached out to them to ask if they needed any support with upcoming projects and the rest is history

I work with Lucy and Chris twice a month reviewing their sales, growing new areas of the business & forecasting trends; it’s a really exciting time to be a part of their business & I know you’ll love listening to this episode as Lucy is so down to earth and funny!

In this episode we cover :

  • The full back story of how Lucy and Yak was born

  • How they work with their suppliers and manage those relationships 

  • Our thoughts on how we foresee the future of the fashion industry

  • Lucy shares where the brand is going from here and the exciting plan in place

  • Some incredibly honest advice from Lucy for entrepreneurs 


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If you’d like to find out more about working together on your brand, click here

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