the fashion feed - episode 5 with meg pirie

My fifth guest on The Fashion Feed podcast is Meg Pirie

Meg runs a slow fashion advocacy business; she’s an eco conscious stylist, writer, designer & workshop leader in Wales.

After having worked for Gucci and giving birth to her daughter India, her outlook on the fashion industry completely changed… for the better!

We found each other on Instagram as we both talk about slow fashion regularly & I shared an image from ink thimble which Meg loved and we got chatting! She’s the perfect guest to have on the podcast because she’s worked in lots of different areas of the fashion industry & also pushing it in a brand new direction

Meg Pirie

Meg Pirie

In this episode we break down a lot of jargon that’s being thrown about including :

  • the differences between linear fashion & circular fashion

  • the differences between ethical fashion & sustainable fashion

  • the differences between eco - fashion & vegan fashion

We also cover :

  • is sustainable fashion for the wealthy?

  • projects that Meg is working on from clothes swap parties & mending workshops

  • animal cruelty in the fashion industry

  • why 2019 is going to be the year of water preservation

  • exciting new fabrics being developed that are kind to the planet

(Just a note to say we do discuss some details of animal cruelty within this episode if you’re sensitive to the topic)


You can keep in touch with Meg via the links below

Here’s a list of links we mentioned during the episode :

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Sashiko Repair

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