podcast episode with stephanie irwin of 'fashion originators'

Here you can take a listen to my recent podcast I did with Stephanie Irwin of ‘Fashion Originators’

(episode 30)

Stephanie is a Canadian in East London with a passion for the 'business side' of fashion. Although not an entrepreneur (YET), she started this show as a way to learn from people who are.

Fashion + business + making new friends = a podcast that brings Stephanie & her audience a lot of joy.

Although fashion business content already exists on the internet, this show is different because she focuses on: Gen X and millennial fashion start-ups, ORIGINAL ideas, unpretentious discussion and the occasional 'masterclass' with an entrepreneurial legend or two …

We cover so many topics like what we’re reading at the moment, how I got into the fashion industry, making an income plan & what happens inside a fashion buying office!

I hope you enjoy! :)