how to get your fashion brand visible with PR with dawn

Dawn is my guest blogger for this week and she is a brand communications expert, with ten years’ worth experience in PR and brand comms. She offers a full range of brand comms services including PR, branding, copywriting and social content specifically for female founded brands and businesses.


So, you’ve started your own fashion brand, and now you want to turn passion into profit and start selling your products, right? I hear ya! But first you need customers, and before you can attract customers, you need to get visible…

PR is hands down the fastest, most efficient way to achieve visibility for any brand or biz without going down the paid-for advertising route.


Want my top 3 tips to help you branch into PR for your biz? Read on.


1.    Analyse the magazine / newspaper pages that you’d like to see your business featured on and take note of what they’re writing about. Try to figure out if your business is doing anything that the press are already talking about, if so this is a great place to start.

Next, map out your business story on paper! Spider diagrams, timelines and the like are all great ways to go through each chapter of your business story step by step. Once you’ve done this, pull out anything a little unusual, quirky or different and see if this can be developed into an angle to approach journalists with.


2.    Keep regularly reading the publications that you’d like to be featured in. From Cosmo to ELLE, make sure you’re grabbing new copies of your fave mags and start creating your own journalist target list by taking note of who is writing or compiling their features.


To find their names, just look under the title of the article or along the edges of the page. Magazine phone numbers are usually listed at the very front of the magazine, so take note of this too, and then follow your target journalists on social media before approaching them.


3.    Check out the hashtag #journorequest on Twitter and Instagram on a regular basis. It is used across social platforms by journalists looking to fulfil specific requests for products or spokespeople for their features.


Keep an eye on this hashtag if you’re keen on getting your business featured in the press – use it to reach out to journalists who are looking for relevant content. I’ve secured many press features for clients via this hashtag, so don’t be shy to give it a go.

Check Dawn out on Instagram @dawndoesbrandcomms, and download her FREE PR e-guide here. Or, why not hop on a FREE taster call with her to chat in more detail about PR tactics specifically for your brand? Use the code ELIZABETHSTILESUK and drop her a DM on Insta to book this in.