how to change the mindset around your problems with chloe slade

This week I have teamed up with Chloe Slade who has written an inspiring blog piece around business and mindset

Chloe is a Manifestation and Mindset Coach. You may know Chloe from Vibe and Flow, which is an online membership and resource which covers manifestation, mindset and money, or via Cone Accounting, which is an accountancy firm for creatives. But, through both businesses, Chloe helps people make mindset shifts to create a positive impact within their lives.

Chloe is obsessed with tea, travel and is a total homebody who loves nothing more than a high vibe night in with her fiancé, Ben and Chihuahua, Hugo.

Can your perception cure your problems?

In this post, my aim is to help shift your mindset around ‘problems’. The word ‘problem’ evokes a negative vibe, even as I write this, it feels a drain to write. But ‘problems’ are, as is everything is in this world, just perception. But how can we change our perceptions around problems so that we can move past them, and dare I say use them for our successes?

Well, first of all, let’s start with what is a ‘problem’? A problem is something (often an undesired outcome) you need to overcome to achieve the desired result.

So break it down. How are you going to overcome it? Like I said ‘problems, are a perception’. The way we see it, the power we let it have on us and the value we place with it. So the first, natural step, is to look at our mindset around ‘problems’, and that, is precisely what we are going to focus on today.

So, starting with rejection…

Chloe Slade - Vibe and Flow

Chloe Slade - Vibe and Flow

Rejection is redirection

Rejection is a redirection. I have always found comfort in that. What if the things that have happened to you are all for your best good, for the greater good. Another thing worth mentioning is: ‘This or better’. When we are manifesting our desires, we need to get into the practice of ‘this or better’. So essentially you are asking for the desire or something better than the desire. For example, you may be manifesting the desire of £100, but the Universe wants to deliver more than that, but to do so, you may need to go another route to get there. This is why it is so important to let go of the ‘how’ (you get there).

There has been a couple of significant times in my life where I look back and think, yeah, that was how I should have played out, and I am grateful for that.

Sometimes, rejection is simply redirection to help stay on your path to a successfully manifested desire.

We are in the business of problems.

We are in the business of problems. So, problems can actually be high vibe and wealthy.

Whatever it is you do in business, you are proving a solution to someone else’s ‘problem’, whether they need a card for their Mother’s birthday but they are not in the country, and your solution is a card, handwritten and sent to the desired address. Or if we use the U Membership, for example, it takes away the overwhelm of working on your mindset as everything is delivered straight to you.

You have one-one calls every quarter to keep you on track; there are weekly action points that take 10 minutes or less to complete so even if you have a busy week you can still be consistent. So for the people who want to be consistent with their mindset and manifestation inner work, but do not have the time to sift through, this is their solution.

This works both ways, from lifestyle solutions like going to a hair salon to get my hair done, to business solutions like going to a professional to help me with coding or to an accountant to sort out my compliance (of course I use our company Cone Accounting). But you get the idea. Without problems, there would be no flow, so take comfort and gratitude from this.

Focus on the opportunity.

What can you learn? What opportunities have arisen? It is so easy to go into turmoil when any kind of problem occurs, big or small. Again even as I write this, there is the fear that shows up when I think about it, because that is how we are wired. But we have to take time to rewire our minds, delete any negative thoughts and tell ourselves a different story. Try it. Next time you notice yourself feeling this way, delete the thought from your mind.

Actually say (or think if you are out in public) “this thought is no longer serving me, delete”. Then replace it with a positive thought, start building that story in your mind, visualise it, feel it. It is our responsibility to take conscious control over our thoughts, just as we can take conscious control over our hand. You can move your hand consciously, and you can control your mind consciously.

Opportunity over ‘problem’. Guts over fear. Fear is a perception, and it has as much power as you let it. And finally, know that you are only given challenges that you can overcome, the Universe will never give you a problem that you are not ready for (even if you don’t see this at first). So take back your power and rewire your mind. Which leads me nicely onto my next point…

Every challenge is a chance to up-level.

Every time we overcome a problem/challenge we up-level our life. We become more confident, better equipped. We learn new things, and we grow stronger because of this. It helps you step into that next version of you who is ready for that manifestation.

I always like to use the example of my partner, Ben. If we met ‘before our time’, then I would not have been anywhere near as grateful for him as I am now. I had to learn, to go through those not-so-fun relationships to know exactly what I wanted and who I had to be to get that.

And when I say this, I do not mean that I changed who I am in a bad way, but instead, I changed my perception. I walked away from unhealthy relationships, I took responsibility for what I wanted, and I made room in my life for that and only that, and then came along Ben. In fact a few months before I met Ben I wrote him a letter. Now I know what you are thinking: “If you didn’t know him, how could you have written him a letter?”.

Well, at the time I didn’t know this, but I was using a very powerful manifestation tool. I wrote to Ben, even though I had no proof that I would meet him soon, but I submitted to the Universe. In my letter, I said something along the lines of, although I hadn’t met him yet, I knew that I was going to meet him soon, but until then, I was going to work becoming the version of me who was ready to meet him.  So come from a place of love when you approach your ‘problems’ and take relief in the fact that they are serving a purpose.

Upgrade your problems.

Problems will always occur, but the goal is to get better problems, like where shall I invest my money?  Another way to look at this, is will it matter in a year? Is the thing that you are fretting about, worth the energy? In so many cases it is not.

The Universe has your back.

Above all, know that The Universe has your back. Know that you are guided, as long as you want to be. Work on your vibrations, think about how you are vibrating right now, is it positive or negative? There is a good chance that you are focusing on what you do not want, let’s change that. Start focusing on what you do want, how can you get there, what resources do you need and what kind of person do you need to be?