vlog - a handful of tips if you're in a rut with instagram

I have at least 2 or 3 people every day come to me asking about instagram, what to post, when to post and why they should even bother if their following is small. I’ve done a short video with a handful of tips if you feel like you’re in a bit of a rut with it all

Before I start I’ve got to say that I’ve learnt some of these tips from Sam Burgess and Kayte Ferris who are both social media queens!

  • ‘I’ not ‘We’

    If you’re a one girl band or a one man band - please don’t use the word we! People are revolting against these big corporate brands so don’t try and be one - it doesn’t make you look more professional, it actually creates doubt within your customer’s mind as to who they’re engaging with

  • Be Intentional

    Please post with purpose and ensure everything you’re putting out there resonates with you or your customer. It would be much better to post less often with quality content rather than posting continuous, halfhearted content that probably isn’t on brand.

    Every post should make you or customer feel something whether it’s the fact you’re providing value, inspiring or educating.

    You also need to draw a soft line between your business and your personal life. I try and stick to the 80-20 rule where 80% of the time I speak about my business and 20% of the time I speak about personal (and even then I sometimes try and link it back to the business!)

  • Tell Stories

    Storytelling is a trend in 2019 and how consumers like to be marketed to! An easy way I found to do this is by asking myself these 6 Q’s - watch the video below where I give an example of answering these to create a story!

  • What

  • Where

  • How

  • Why

  • When

  • Who

watch the video below for more info or click here to read my blog post - 31+ instagram prompts for your fashion brand